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Proven solutions for critical infrastructure protection

The Achilles’ heel of most security solutions is incompatible systems – the video system does not tie into the communication system, the phones can’t talk to the radio network, collaborating tools aren’t easily accessed by mobile personnel, and so on.

Sharing information becomes complicated and collaboration is impeded. Yet, more than ever, dealing with security threats depends on rapidly gathering, analyzing, and sharing information.

Rapidly transform situational awareness into decisive action

Solacom’s LibertySHIELD Interoperable Communications System integrates a wide variety of analogue, digital and IP protocols and standards into a secure Common Operating Picture that can be shared between fixed and mobile security positions.

LibertySHIELD also enables your voice, video and data systems to interoperate, enhancing your communication effectiveness with powerful cross-connect and collaboration capabilities.

At the security center, the Common Operating Picture delivers enhanced situational awareness with a more complete dynamic view of events. Critical information aids such as floor plans, video images or data files can be quickly accessed and made part of the shared picture. Ideal for:

  • Border Protection
  • Airport & Seaport Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Metro Security
  • Oil & Pipeline Security

Collaboration even while mobile

An unbroken chain of information from the field to security center enables the swiftest response possible. Actionable situational awareness is immediately shared with mobile personnel equipped with portable digital devices or tablet PCs, allowing unprecedented flexibility in the field.

Real time information sharing is maintained on the go with built-in collaboration features such as annotations, live file sharing and conferencing.

Intuitive interface aids efficiency

By integrating more information than ever before possible into a single or dual screen configuration, LibertySHIELD offers far greater efficiency to rapidly present and share situational awareness.

The graphical screen layout is completely customizable, allowing you to set up profiles based on individual operators, or it can be locked to a standard display for all operators. It can also be easily modified to suit specific events.

Reliable, cost-effective security network

LibertySHIELD is highly scalable, from small mobile applications to large security center environments; as a standalone or a networked solution. Plug-in modules add functionality and create a very versatile system that meets your needs but doesn’t incur costs for features you don’t want. Plus, its IP-based architecture can greatly reduce networking, equipment and operational expense by saving on space, power, spares, and support.

With extremely high availability and built in redundancy, or hot-standby duplication, LibertySHIELD is engineered to provide reliable mission critical performance. Also, because it is IP-based, LibertySHIELD makes it easier and more economical to establish a networked system of command points, where communications can be immediately rerouted if a post goes down for any reason. Operators can log into any LibertySHIELD console in the network, access their profile and work as though sitting at their regular terminal.


  • Interfaces and integrates local and remote radios, landlines, and video from analog, digital and IP sources
  • Unifies information for access in one Graphical User Interface
  • Built in tools to provide collaboration and information sharing
  • Includes powerful cross patching (radios and landline) and conferencing (voice and video) via unicast or multicast capabilities
  • Up to 1000 participants can partake in a conference call integrating wireless, wire-line, VoIP and radio users; and the system can support multiple such conferences
  • Contact list and speed dials – with quick find capabilities
  • Enables synchronized record and playback with GPS for time stamp
  • Supports multiple ancillaries (operator headsets, handsets, speakers etc.) in centralized or distributed format
  • Supports mobile access via tablet PCs, laptops or Personal Digital Assistants
  • (an operator can be outside the security center and still access radios and assets)
  • operates under Microsoft Windows .NET, providing maximum stability and interoperability
  • Mission critical reliability with system-wide redundancy for 99.9999% availability
  • Reduced capital and operational costs
  • Secure role-based logins with fully definable roles