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Guardian NG9-1-1 Controller

Advanced IP-based system for your PSAP

Standards compliant and multi-vendor interoperability

The Guardian Next Generation 9-1-1 Controller is a true IP centric solution, designed to support both legacy and Next Generation 9-1-1 calls and new types of requests for assistance, such as text to 9-1-1, as they become defined and available.

This advanced call control solution includes an integrated IP PBX and supports all of the standard telephony interfaces, provides voice management, automatic call distribution and data retrieval.

Standards compliant and multi-vendor interoperability

Solacom is committed to open standards and interoperability, and is helping to define Next Generation 9-1-1 through NENA initiatives such as Proof of Concept and Industry Collaboration Events – as well as demonstrating new capabilities such as SMS/IM/Emergency Messaging Prototype Development at the NENA National conference.

This commitment is carried through to our product engineering to allow for streamlined integration with any other standards-compliant equipment in the emergency management center (e.g. CAD, MAP). This also ensures that you aren’t locked into a proprietary corner – you retain the option to select the most cost effective ‘off-the-shelf’ components to build your PSAP.


Unlike many systems that are built around simplex key systems or loosely integrated commercial PBXs for critical call control, all components within the Guardian NG9-1-1 Controller are fully redundant and designed to be highly fault tolerant with no single failure resulting in a loss of functionality.

We use mission critical reliability (99.999% availability) as a benchmark for all of our products, resulting in greatly reduced downtime and a lower cost of ownership.

Consolidation without giving up independence

The Guardian NG9-1-1 Controller is capable of hosting multiple PSAPs without requiring physical consolidation – tenant PSAPs can continue to operate independently, yet easily support one another in call overflow or disaster recovery situations.

Solacom ESP is compliant with i3 and acts as a transitional solution for seamless migration from i2 to i3 – suited to either legacy or IP PSAPs

NG911 Controller Diagram

  • Integrated IP-based platform
  • Supports IP phones
  • Telco Grade quality delivering mission-critical levels of availability
  • Integrated Management Information System
  • Fully configurable as a “Virtual PSAP” across multiple sites in the future while retaining local survivability
  • Fully integrated with SIP Appliances (mediation gateways) to allow connectivity to traditional telecommunications circuits such as CAMA, POTS and others
  • Supports traditional interfaces including, T1 CAS, ISDN PRI, SS7, CAMA, analog POTS, and Feature Group D
  • Supports IP interfaces to VoIP, VoIM, IM, SMS, video, sensors and managed networks
  • Configurable to integrate 9-1-1, Administrative, PBX, 311, 511, 711 and 211 lines in a unified environment
  • Wireless Phase 1 and Phase 2 compliant
  • NENA VoIP i2 and i3 compliant
  • Complies with existing and emerging Next Generation (i3) standards
  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous conferences of up to 10 participants each
  • Party Conferencing; participants can join from analog, wireline, wireless, VoIP, PBX or T1 circuits
  • Supports full integration with NENA-compliant CAD, Logging Recorders and Maps
  • Includes a sophisticated ACD with skills-based call distribution
  • Offers remote maintenance, reconfiguration and monitoring capability
  • Easily scaled from one position to hundreds
  • TDD functionality integrated centrally
  • Outgoing 911 trunk transfer capability (does not have to rely on Selective Router like other systems to achieve this functionality)
  • Emergency Community Notification