Solacom Guardian 9-1-1 Solutions are engineered to support today’s and tomorrow’s emergency call management requirements. Text-to-911 and text-from-911 capabilities can be added with Guardian Text.

Guardian Text is an integrated, full-featured short message service (SMS) function available when you need it. Once configured, this function integrates full text management capabilities into our call control system and seamlessly integrates with the Guardian 9-1-1 Call Handling solution at the desktop.

Product Brief
Guardian Text

Get Complete Inbound and Outbound Text Capabilities

Guardian Text enables standards-based text-to-911 call management and control and allows call takers to respond quickly and easily to all text-to-911 messages at all times.

For added flexibility, Guardian Text goes beyond standards requirements by offering outbound text-from-911 capabilities. With this option, Guardian Text can be configured with pre-scripted text messages that can be used to provide a quick response to text-to-911 messages. It also enables call takers to reconnect with disconnected or abandoned callers via text.

Text-To-911 Service Goes Live in Three Florida Counties

Solacom Text-to-911 capability in Gulf, Franklin, and Calhoun counties provides an alternative method of communicating with emergency service providers for those who cannot safely call 9-1-1, who have a speech disability, or who are deaf.

Streamline Text-To-911 Handling

At the desktop, text-based calls are handled like regular voice calls. Call takers have the option to manage the call with all the same features and functions associated with voice calls, including transfer and join capabilities.

Beyond the desktop, the Solacom call control system can be configured to identify a text-to-911 call with a unique ring and present it as viewable text on call taker display screens, along with call history and other relevant call information. To further optimize call handling, call takers can be assigned roles that will either include or exclude text calls from being presented at their positions. This makes it easier to streamline the call management process and ensure all text-to-911 messages are answered by call takers trained and certified to handle text-based calls.

Lay a Strong Foundation for the Future

When you’re ready, Guardian Text can be extended to support more advanced text capabilities, such as text messages that include photos and video clips and real-time texting.