Solacom offers the most complete set of cybersecurity services available to PSAPs. With Guardian Cybersecurity, PSAPs of any size, using any vendor’s hardware and software solutions, can dramatically reduce cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks.

Guardian Cybersecurity

Put Cybersecurity in the Hands of Experts

Our turnkey, enterprise-grade cybersecurity services combine our deep understanding of PSAP operations and public safety with expertise and technologies from leading IT security companies to meet your unique cybersecurity requirements at each stage of NG9-1-1 evolution.

Move to More Flexible, Cost-Effective Cybersecurity

With Guardian Cybersecurity, you have easy access to pre-vetted, industry-leading cybersecurity technologies and skillsets at a fraction of the amount it would cost to employ an in-house cybersecurity team.

We offer monthly subscriptions and individual professional services contracts that are aligned with your IT footprint and budget. With our pay-as-you-grow pricing models, even the smallest PSAPs can afford to implement the very best cybersecurity strategies and technologies.

Tailor Cybersecurity for Your Environment

We recognize that each PSAP is at a different stage of evolution and has unique cybersecurity requirements. To ensure you get exactly what you need, you can choose any or all of our Guardian Cybersecurity services.

Each service is customized for your operational requirements, IT footprint, and stage of NG9-1-1 evolution.

  • Continuous Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response

    Rely on a fully managed Security Operations Center (SOC) and the expertise of highly trained security analysts to proactively identify potential cyberthreats against any of your IT systems and immediately provide mitigations — 24/7/365.

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

    Get a clear view of your cybersecurity risk profile with a thorough evaluation of your existing cybersecurity posture, a ranked list of vulnerabilities, and a prioritized summary of necessary improvements.

  • Strategic Consulting and Security Controls Implementation

    Get the hands-on guidance and support needed to increase your compliance with cybersecurity standards and frameworks from leading standards bodies and government departments.

  • Remediation and Recovery Assistance

    Count on whatever level of support you need from our teams to quickly resolve IT issues and recover from cyberattacks should they occur.

  • Cybersecurity Awareness and Training

    Increase your knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity threats and best practices with in-person and online cybersecurity training programs that are tailored for your needs.