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Ideal solutions for today’s PSAP, or for building a network of PSAPs.

Solutions Page Banner Solacom’s Emergency Services Platform isn’t just modified to accommodate NG9-1-1, it is designed and built for IP-based call routing, IP-based CPE and database systems, and for converging traditional voice and data into the packet switched network while at the same time supporting legacy equipment and trunks.

No need to rip and replace. Solacom architecture allows you to migrate to next-generation 9-1-1 in logical and cost effective stages. Initially, you may wish to migrate to an IP enabled network and IP selective routing while continuing to use your existing CPE. Whenever you are ready, you can upgrade your operator position equipment, or even build a complete Emergency Services IP network (ESInet).

In addition, our Emergency Services Platform is available in a wide variety of configuration and deployment options for single sites, geo-redundant sites, or network solutions that serve multiple counties or even statewide NG9-1-1.

Emergency Services IP Network

Emergency Services IP Network – offers you more control over your public safety network

A Solacom ESInet will give you more control over how you build and manage your network, with greater flexibility and enhanced call routing and delivery, as well as the ability to reroute calls to any addressable PSAP that is served by an ESInet.

Solacom Hosted Solution

Solacom Hosted Solution – provides significant cost savings without relinquishing control

A Solacom Hosted Solution provides you and your neighboring PSAPs with the best of both worlds – leveraged buying power for truly significant cost savings along with a state of the art NG9-1-1 system that provides for autonomous operation of multiple PSAP tenants.