Control how you build and manage your network

The Public Safety landscape is changing, transitioning from circuit switched technology to IP networks and Next Generation 9-1-1. But, many service providers and PSAPs are now finding themselves limited by equipment and networks that are incapable of providing a cost effective evolution to NG9-1-1.

No matter how far along the path you are to NG9-1-1, a Solacom ESInet will give you more control over how you build and manage your network, with greater flexibility and the freedom to choose how you operate.

ESI Monitor

Ideal for hosting one or multiple PSAPs networked together

Solacom technology lets you build an ESInet with the flexibility to host a single PSAP or multiple PSAPs using a single fault tolerant design versus having separate controllers at every PSAP location. This type of PSAP design provides initial cost savings, and puts you in control of alternate routing and backup PSAP scenarios. Additional PSAPs can be added later with a minimal amount of equipment, or existing PSAPs can be consolidated in the future.

You can leverage greater economies of scale for better return on your investment. You can also offer new and improved levels of service to PSAPs, including resilient network designs such as dual-mated tandem, or regional disaster recovery backup PSAPs, as well as hosted services like Network IP Recording or Managed Services.

A Solacom ESInet also increases your level of interoperability, eliminating issues with Selective Router boundary transfers and Enhanced Services such as 3-1-1.

Next generation performance

The Solacom NG9-1-1 solution is deployed with redundant core architecture, built for Public Safety Grade IP Networks and geographically diverse call processing platforms. This ensures continuous system operation for virtually any contingency as well as absorbing the impact of a major network outage or a catastrophic event to one of the locations.

The addition of virtual PSAPs or ‘hot seats’ greatly increases the network flexibility, with the ability to rapidly deploy PSAP positions in response to situations that require additional call taking capacity.