Marion and Baxter Counties Innovate by Sharing Solacom’s i3-Ready 9-1-1 Solution

Two separate counties buy one system to reduce costs while remaining independent

MOUNTAIN HOME and YELLVILLE, AR., Sept 27, 2017 — In a creative decision that will improve the way 9-1-1 service providers deliver public safety services in Arkansas, two counties have jointly purchased a new 9-1-1 system from Solacom. By sharing one system, Marion and Baxter counties will not only save costs and resources, but will also have the ability to host counties with smaller populations on their network.

“I am extremely excited about working with Solacom to band together with Baxter County and bringing a new concept to Arkansas,” says Jennifer Hunt, Marion County 9-1-1 coordinator. “Solacom helped our two counties work together to do a cost share for 9-1-1 equipment, which reduces the financial burden and allows us to focus on what we do as call takers — help citizens on their worst day.”

Both entities wanted an interoperable, state-of-the-art system and chose Solacom’s Guardian 9-1-1 Solution, with two positions in Marion County and four in Baxter County. Each county remains fully independent, serving its own population base. Leadership in both counties, including Judge Mickey Pendergrass and Judge Terry Ott demonstrated vision by creating solutions that are outside-the-box for their respective counties and can be duplicated throughout Arkansas.

“First responders depend on reliable and secure systems to carry out their jobs in the safest and most efficient manner possible,” says Shannon Guynn, Baxter County 9-1-1 coordinator. “The Solacom solution is a game changer for every agency that has ever dealt with system crashes and downtime.”

With Solacom’s Guardian 9-1-1 Solution, both counties now have the most flexible, user-centric emergency call management solution for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). The IP-based, fully integrated NG9-1-1 solution is designed to support all current and emerging standards and enables future enhancements without replacing the underlying infrastructure.

At the desktop, call takers in both counties work with the customizable Guardian 9-1-1 Call Handling solution, which enables quick and efficient response to every call. In addition, Marion and Baxter counties are now text-to-911 ready with Guardian Text, which is seamlessly integrated in the solution.

Call takers are also equipped with Guardian Map, which displays complete call location information and enables them to answer and manage calls directly with the interface.

The complete solution for both counties includes Solacom’s Guardian Management Information System (MIS), a call logging, tracking, and reporting application, which allows the PSAPs to collect ongoing, real-time critical data and access all data at any time for a variety of administrative reports.

Marion and Baxter Counties have the added reassurance that they can back each other up. If for any reason call takers in either location need to evacuate their building, the system is designed to allow call takers to relocate to the other PSAP, sign in, and take calls just as if they were still in their own county.

The complete Guardian solution includes Solacom’s Guardian Managed Services, which ensure compliance with the latest standards and technology, provide ongoing upgrades, and make sure the installed solution is operating at peak performance. All alerts are investigated by certified Solacom technicians who identify and address any issues before they escalate into more serious problems, reducing potential downtime.

“For many PSAPs these days, budgets are very tight and some may not have the same purchasing power as other counties,” says Tony Parrott, Solacom vice president of sales. “The Solacom solution has allowed Marion and Baxter Counties to optimize their budget and save money. With this solution, Marion and Baxter Counties can also allow smaller counties to use the core equipment by hosting them on their network. We are very excited to see what opportunities this provides for PSAPs in Arkansas.”

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