Solacom and ECaTS complete testing of innovative i3 call logging interface.

Chicago, IL, July 30, 2012 – Solacom Technologies, a prominent NG9-1-1 solutions developer and ECaTS, a leading software company owned by California based Direct Technology, announced that they have completed integration testing of a next generation Call Detail Record (CDR) logging interface for more effectively gathering, viewing and distributing a greater variety of data for public safety answering points (PSAPs).

The innovative call logging interface, developed to meet i3 specifications set forth by the National Emergency Number Association, is a timely solution for those counties and states looking for a standards-based means of evolving from legacy Management Information Systems (MIS) to newer IP-based technology that offers greater flexibility and quicker access to significantly more information. For example, the new CDR solution makes statistical information such as time to answer, available for 9-1-1 calls that have been transferred by the primary public safety agency to a secondary agency.

The testing of the ECaTS and Solacom equipment confirmed that all requisite integration and data exchange pathways performed successfully and are able to receive and store both IP based data and serial based data from 9-1-1 calls. “One of our key goals was to make a standards-based logging solution that meets i3 specifications so that governments and counties can move to a next generation CDR without being locked into a vendor specific MIS solution,” commented Ray Vilis, Solacom vice president of advanced emergency systems.

The joint effort was a natural fit for ECaTS who already offer cloud-based Management Information Systems across several States such as California, Oregon, Texas and North Carolina, and Solacom who earlier in the year deployed to a PSAP in New York State what is likely the first high speed i3 logging stream in the country. “ECaTS is an industry leader in cloud-based MIS, so we are very happy to be teaming our innovation in high speed i3 call interfaces with their expertise in the CDR market,” said Vilis.

"This new model of a network-based delivery of 9-1-1 call activity and detail record over IP establishes a much more reliable and efficient data delivery architecture, drastically increasing the reliability of 9-1-1 data collection and reducing the cost and complexity of ECaTS installations,” commented Fred Michanie, founder and president of Direct Technology. “With the successful completion of the integration test, ECaTS is now a certified Solacom NextGen 9-1-1 product," added Michanie.

There are immediate demands for the new Solacom and ECaTS i3 call logging technology and the solution will be deployed this fall to a number of PSAPs around the country.

About Solacom
Solacom Technologies builds some of the world’s most reliable critical communications systems that integrate Voice, Video and Data to deliver advanced IP-based interoperability solutions for public safety 9-1-1, military command, security and other mission critical applications. With a legacy of innovation in air traffic control and public safety, our engineers have pioneered many industry advances over the past 25 years.

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About ECaTS
Originally, the ECaTS product was developed by Direct Technology in 1997 to solve a critical business need for the 9-1-1 Program Office in California. The Program Office was seeking a product that could provide universal 9-1-1 Call Statistics Analysis across the entire state regardless of the type of Customer Premise Equipment installed at each public safety answering point (PSAP). Direct Technology developed and deployed the first version of the product in late 1997. ECaTS is the only cloud based NextGen 9-1-1 reporting product that provides universal business intelligence reporting services for Public Safety Clients regardless of the type of Customer Premise Equipment at each PSAP. For more information visit

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