About Solacom Technologies

Award winning solutions for public safety 9-1-1, Homeland Security and similar markets

Solacom Technologies Inc. is a privately held corporation, with headquarters in Gatineau, Quebec and US-based operations out of Chicago, Illinois.

Solacom is among the world’s foremost technology experts with robust, field proven critical communications solutions for everything from 2 position public safety answering points right on up to complete statewide next generation solutions and emergency services IP networks.

With over 30 years of experience in critical communications, Solacom has been recognized by numerous awards, including the only non-USA company to win the prestigious Air Traffic Control Association Charles E. Varnell Memorial Award. Solacom systems are installed in 30 countries and perform in some of the most extreme environments on the planet such as marine deployments, Antarctic ice fields and deserts in the Middle East.

The people behind the technology

Dedication and innovation are essential to develop best in class technology – but it doesn’t all take place in a lab. Listening to our customers and building lasting relationships are fundamental to our success.

We take your satisfaction as seriously as our technology. When you invest in a Solacom solution, rest assured that we’ll do our utmost to provide you with excellent service and superior technical support.

To be a public safety market driven company that grows through outstanding customer intimacy as measured by customer satisfaction, market share and revenue growth.

Solacom designs and manufactures communication systems utilized in critical and life-supporting operations that incorporate voice, video and data applications, as they are required for Public Safety, Homeland Security, and similar markets.

We grow our market share by building best-in-class products and customer service.

The company’s employees distinguish themselves by constantly innovating and evolving the company’s products and services such that they optimize user effectiveness.

  1. To be highly agile and responsive to customer needs and market opportunities;
  2. To be reliable, knowledgeable and trust-worthy in all our dealings with our partners, customers and employees;
  3. To provide highly reliable innovative solutions with proactive and responsive customer service