Solacom Guardian Call Handling Solution Optimizes Use of Device-Based Wireless Call Data

Device-based location information available from most popular smartphones enables pinpointing of wireless 9-1-1 calls

CHICAGO, Ill., October 18, 2018 — Solacom customers now have new options for accurately locating 9-1-1 calls from wireless devices. Recent announcements by Apple and Google will allow PSAPs with the Solacom Guardian 9-1-1 Call Handling solution to easily leverage the device-based location data that smartphones provide when a 9-1-1 call is made.

In June, Apple announced that PSAPs will be able to receive device location data for 9-1-1 calls from iPhones with iOS 12. Recently, Google announced that device-based location data provided by Android phones will also be available to PSAPs. PSAPs using the Solacom Guardian 9-1-1 Call Handling solution can leverage the information from both wireless device operating systems to pinpoint the location of wireless 9-1-1 calls.

Location data from Apple iOS 12 and Google Android wireless devices will be available to Solacom customers through the RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse.

“Our partnership with RapidSOS allows us to bring this additional, life-saving, location data to PSAPs,” says Nancy MacDonald, Solacom’s vice president of business development. “The Guardian 9-1-1 Call Handling solution includes a powerful feature that allows it to query third-party databases to access device-based location information from smartphones when a 9-1-1 call is made. The solution can be easily configured to query the NG911 Clearinghouse from RapidSOS for this device-based location data.”

The device-based location data from wireless devices will be displayed as supplemental data and will not replace existing Automatic Location Information (ALI) data presented by the Guardian 9-1-1 Call Handling solution.

For more information about the integration of RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse functionality with the Solacom Guardian 9-1-1 Call Handling solution, visit the Solacom Insights blog.

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