Solacom Webinar Focuses on Pinpointing Callers With Accurate Location Data

Experience of one NG9-1-1 PSAP highlights importance of a fully optimized mapping solution

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 24, 2018 — Registration is now open for a webinar about how accurate location data can help public safety answering points (PSAPs) pinpoint the location of all emergency calls. Presented by Solacom and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), this webinar looks at how one PSAP used a fully optimized mapping solution to effectively pinpoint the location of a school shooting hoax caller, allowing police to locate, apprehend, and arrest the caller within 13 minutes.

“Instant access to accurate caller location information is crucial during 9-1-1 calls,” says Tony Parrott, vice president of sales at Solacom. “Call handling systems must have the ability to pinpoint the caller’s exact location, whether the call comes from a landline or wireless phone. As PSAPs transition to Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1), the databases that provide the raw location data and the mapping solutions that display that data must be optimized for emergency call handling.”

Experts from Solacom and RapidSOS will discuss how all PSAPs can leverage geographic information system (GIS) databases, sophisticated mapping applications, and third-party location information to optimize call handling and improve response times. The webinar includes a Q&A.

Webinar details:

Title: Pinpointing Callers With Accurate Location Data
Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET
Jennifer Hunt, E911 Coordinator, Marion County, Arkansas
Tony Parrott, Vice President Sales, Solacom
Nancy MacDonald, Vice President Business Development, Solacom
Reinhard Ekl, Vice President of Product & Public Safety, RapidSOS

For more information, and to register, visit the NENA webinar registration page at:

This webinar is free to all registrants. All attendees receive one-half ENP re-certification point toward the six-point maximum for non-NENA courses in NENA’s Professional Development CEU/Course Credits section.

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